Benefit from the Uncoventional teaching Methodology and Master the technology of CNC and CAD & CAM.

CNC Tech a Pune based Company, was incorporated and registered on 1st of April 1999. It was set up primarily with a view to training people in CNC programming and operations. The Company currently provides In-House training on CNC Programming and Operations.

At CNC tech, courses are designed to develop and strengthen the foundation of CNC machine users knowledge in terms of Operation, Part Programming, Correct setting of tools & work piece, metal cutting principle and above all the safe use of CNC machines.

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As an industrial trainer we found our first batch of excellence to get insutrial exposure & take the training forward to cherish their career.


With that academic pic CNC Tech Started their sessions on practical exposure to their students with hands on learning on CNC Machines.


As soon as we stepped into 2012 we were invited to industrial joiners to get training sessions to cherish & enhance their learning experience with us.


We are very much excited to share the year being mostly of love, certificates, awards & recognitions from all our loved students & clientele.

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