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Studentís Feedback
Your opinion about the methodology of this training and its organization
Good and excellent methodology arranged by the trainer.
The way of his teaching and giving example on each topic is very nice and easily understanding to every one. Sir organized these four days in very systematic way. Before I don’t know anything about CNC. He taught me from basic.

Specification ideas gathering from the course

How to do program on CNC machine.
Not only about CNC but I get some more knowledge about other subject also.
How to create safely program on CNC.

About Sir: - Nice Personality
                   Good Behavior
                   Good Human being
                   His Cloth wearing style means combination of his dress is so good.

Nitin Ojha

Your views on the course in brief:

When you have lots of good things to tell its really difficult from were to start. But still to start with this in an excellent institute to do CNC programming, at least I have got 100% benefit. Now I am crystal clear with CNC programming. Here the relation between a sir and student has understood 100% we always use to have session for more than 4 hours, but I never found it too long. It was always a session full interaction, entertainment and learning CNC programming in Sir’s style. During the teaching session I actually use to feel that I an\m in front of CNC machine learning CNC programming Sir has the ability to develop that image in your mind. Believe me, I was shocked to know that even a non-technical person can learn CNC programming here and even there persons are very much clean with their CNC fundas. At last, let me tell you “if you have even dreamed of a “Guru” who can guide you in your all walks of life than, “this is it” – CNC Tech”.

Tushar Fuge

Before joining this course I had only textbook knowledge of CNC but the most important think that is required “programming” was not know to me even I had completed my Diploma. But Sir taught me in just 7 days with\out doing a programme on the Blackboard “People like Sir are few in this world” who know everything and are willing to give their knowledge to their students. In my view “Sir is the best teacher” among all the teacher who had taught me Its my pleasure that I learnt programming from “Sir” Thank you. 

Shagun Birdawade

Respected Sir,

I, the undersigned, Mr. Azhar Khan writing this brief application on the course which is conducted by Mr. Ravindra Pillay, Hence, I first of all was not a technical person and I am having not any technical background, but I also, I have jiond the course became someone suggest me, so I came to Mr. Pilly As soon as the course started from the basic knowledge of CNC which is not taught by the other institute. Hence the programming method was good and first of all the method by which he taught was damn good, excellent and for me and others also in our class also learn the discipline of time, manners and also kind of human nature the sir was excellent, he never bored us, never let us go early from the class fun filled learning and after completing we are so confident that we can challenge the engineers who are working on CNC by teaching of

Mr. Pillay Thanking You,
We never forget u in our Life. “We all love you sir”.

 Azhar Khan   
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