Corporate Training

Customer testimonials and feedback are witness of the effectiveness of training methodology

CNC Tech aims to provide training to a group of your employees at your premises and at your convenience and more importantly making training financially viable. The saving is on lodging, boarding and long distant traveling expenses, thus reducing the training cost drastically. Please refer the list of Clientele since 1980.

Although management may dearly wish to have their technical staff trained at the manufacturer’s end, it is not always feasible in terms of costs involved; this need remains unfulfilled, because bigger the group bigger the expense. Moreover it is difficult to manage production in the absence of production staff. In these circumstances, the individuals and the company, both suffer in the long run. Quite often, the departmental heads amidst their daily pressures ignore the necessity of training. This leads to the staff learning / understanding the control system on their own, through trial and error.

Courses are designed to suit the corporate objectives and their budget. Accordingly, training modules are prepared depending on the duration allotted. Special courses are conducted for Supervisors, Managers and Senior Managers.

Courses for Corporates are exclusively designed to suit client’s specific requirement, depending upon the participant’s qualification,background and duration.

For effectiveness of training, It is important to understand the expected Final outcome from the participants

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  (Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru)

Many Sofisticated CNC machine users are unaware that the advanced Machine and modern Control systems are not optimally utilized due to under trained technical staff

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