Ravindra Pillay

Aiming to inspire a passion for learning in my students which goes beyond just completing the course for a certificate and a job placement.

My ultimate goal is to help everybody take the next step in their career – by helping a non-technical school drop-out get a job in manufacturing industry, by preparing an ITI or diploma holder to be able to supervise production on a battery of CNC machines in a manufacturing unit and by training a graduate engineer to be able to head a CNC automated unit or even start his own component manufacturing business.

About CNC Tech

Ravindra Pillay – Extensively trained in Germany, Switzerland, Japan..
offering CNC m/c after Sales Service, Application and Training

CNC Tech was founded in 1999, though Ravindra Pillay has been in the machine-tool industry since 1980, when he joined VOLTAS Ltd in their Machine-tool division at their head office in Ballard Estate,  Mumbai.  Since then, Ravindra Pillay, in addition to providing after sales service for mainly European machines, Ravindra Pillay has been all along installing and commissioning machines  and training customers on various metal cutting machines.

In 1993, Ravindra Pillay joined FANUC INDIA; then a joint venture of VOLTAS Ltd, FANUC - Japan and GE Fanuc USA.

In 1999, CNC Tech was founded to provide training to CNC machine users in the country; mainly to share the training acquired in Germany, Switzerland  and Japan, with the engineers in the country.


Ravindra Pillay has been in the machine tool industry since 1980,
offering CNC m/c after Sales Service, Application and Training

The Beginnings - Ravindra Pillay began work in mid 1980 as service engineer for VOLTAS Ltd., at the Sales head quarters of their Machine tool division at Bombay. During his tenure of 13 years, he was trained extensively at Europe on Precision Metal cutting CNC Machines equipped with various control systems like, Philips, Fanuc, Siemens, Heidenhain and Bosch.

In 1992, joined FANUC INDIA Ltd. Bangalore, a joint venture of VOLTAS Ltd. It was here, while training the customers on the use of CNC control systems, realised the necessity of providing quality training to the CNC Machine users and the dearth of honest and dedicated transfer of knowledge and experience. It was HERO HONDA who first gave an opportunity to prove CNC Tech, followed by KINETIC ENGINEERING and so on.

Till now many private as well as public sector firms have greatly benefitted from the training imparted to their employees. Also many individuals, from non technical to highly educated engineers and from freshers to highly experienced managers, professors and entrepreneurs are being trained.

The student's feedback and testimonials from various corporate houses stand witness to the transformation of students at CNC Tech.

Courses for Corporates are exclusively designed to suit client’s specific requirement, depending upon the participant’s qualification,background and duration.

For effectiveness of training, It is important to understand the expected Final outcome from the participants.

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We realize the importance and greatness of “Teaching Profession” We hold ourselves fullly responsible to very properly train the employees and the children

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